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Customer Service - Wholesale Men's Underwear

Shipping & Delivery

At Malebasics Corp customers are our first priority either you are a big box retailer that uses complex logistic services or just a mom & pops retail or online store we can handle it. We work hand in hand with UPS, FEDEX, DHL the U.S Postal Service and Postal Consolidators as well, to offer you a variety of alternatives that are cost effective and will suit your needs. We ship domestic and International.

Privacy & Security

Here at Malebasics Corp we relay in 3rd party companies to help us with our security like COMODO, who provides our SSL certificate and ChasePayment Tech who processes our credit cards. We will never sell your information or email address to third party companies.

Returns & Replacements

We always stand behind our products and If your customers have any issues with quality and durability of our products we will issue an exchange, fast and simple.


Because we look to the future Malebasics asks you to place all the orders on our wholesale site, this way we can ensure tracking at all stages of your order, from processing to shipping to payment.

More Information

If you require more information about our products please write us to we will be happy to help you.